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One Shock

EcoOne® One Shock is the world’s first pre-measured self-dissolving spa and shock sanitizer combo. No mixing or measuring required—just drop in the One Shock tablets per recommended directions and go! We’ve packed all the ingredients you’ll need for a clean and healthy bacteria-free spa into one small ultra-effective tablet. Amazing!

Ingredients: sodium dichloro-triazinetrione dihydrate (dichlor).

Disclaimer: All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only and the actual product may look different from what is pictured.

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100% Human Safe
Totally Earth-Friendly
Never Animal Tested
Fully Biodegradable
Free of Harmful Preservatives
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Fully recyclable packaging
Made in the USA
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The world’s first sanitizer and shock treatment combo.

One Shock FAQs

We recommend a more holistic approach to maintaining your spa that includes filling your spa with filtered water using our Hose Filter, sanitizing your spa after each use with One Shock, conditioning your water monthly with Spa Monthly, and regularly cleaning your spa’s pipes and filter with our Pipe Cleaner and Filter Cleaner. A great place to start is with our 3 or 6-month Maintenance Kit. And if your spa is particularly dirty give our Deep Clean Kit a try!
It might, but it depends on why your water is green. Green water can be a result of two things: First, a tint of green where the water is relatively clear is too much copper and can be treated with a "metal gone" product. We also recommend filling your spa with our Hose Filter. Second, green water with significant opacity is algae especially if there is a noticeable odor. You can kill the existing algae with One Shock but you will still need to deal with the organic debris causing the algae. In this case it is best to drain your spa and use Pipe Cleaner and Filter Cleaner to remove all the algae and source contaminants. Refill your spa with our Hose Filter and add two tablets of One Shock while the water comes up to temperature. Add One Shock daily for a week to make sure the algae is completely eliminated.
Each tablet is roughly the size of a quarter in diameter, ⅔ inch deep, and weighs ~14 grams.
Currently we only offer one size tablet. If you need less you can break a single tablet up into smaller pieces. Alternatively, if you need more you can use more than one tablet depending on the volume of water you’re treating.

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