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Hose Filter

The EcoOne® Hose Filter is unlike any other filter on the market. Our simple to use garden hose filter leverages a dual chamber combination of granular-activated carbon in a reduction oxidation enclosure that reduces or eliminates harmful contaminants such as heavy metals, arsenic, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and many others. Versatile in nature, our Hose Filter works with city or well water, hard or soft water, and will purify up to 40,000 gallons.

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100% Human Safe
Totally Earth-Friendly
Never Animal Tested
Fully Biodegradable
Free of Harmful Preservatives
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Fully recyclable packaging
Made in the USA
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Give your water a fresh start.

Hose Filter FAQs

Our Hose Filter removes the following:
  • Heavy metals: barium, cadmium, chromium III, chromium VI, copper, iron, lead, mercury, and selenium.
  • Other contaminants: arsenic, chlorine and its byproducts (THMs), hydrogen sulfide (“rotten egg” smell), endrin, fluoride, lindane, methoxychlor, nitrate, silvex, toxaphene, and volatile organic contaminants (VOCs).
The working pressure range is 20-100 psi depending on the water pressure being supplied to your hose.
Yes, our Hose Filter leverages a dual stage natural carbon filter which will remove nitrates from your water.
Our Hose Filter fits standard garden hoses which are typically ⅝ inch in diameter. You can use an adapter if your hose is a different size.
Storing the Hose Filter with the caps on ensures the filter media stays moist which extends its life.
It depends on how much water you filter through it, however our Hose Filter is rated for up to 40,000 gallons of filtered water.

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